SATURDAY, May 12 8:00 PM
Suggested Donations of $15 are appreciated

It's hard to believe, but it's been 5 years since David was last here! This will be his 3rd visit to Little Lake Hill houseconcerts. The second performance lasted two days ('double-header') and all shows filled up.

As distinctive a performer as he is a writer, David Massengill accompanies himself mainly on the Appalachian dulcimer, which he slings over his shoulder like an electric guitar. The sound of the dulcimer has an intimate, detailed quality that complements the easy graciousness of Massengill's stage presence. He has achieved a virtuosity on the traditional instrument that enables him to wring from its few strings music of a complexity and richness far beyond anything it was ever meant to produce, drawing the listener in to his lyrical imagery and the close-up focus on human foibles and experience that is the substance of his best songs.

His musical stories include:
Jesus escapes from a mental hospital, history's greatest villains gather for a dinner party, a New York restaurant kitchen crew saves an illegal alien cook from the immigration man, a young woman and a bandit fall in love as he robs her these are just some of the vividly imagined scenes and characters with which David Massengill captivates audiences wherever he performs. Massengill's songs are rich with insight and poetic imagery, they're upbeat and engaging but full of subtle complexities; this Appalachian dulcimer player with the soft-edged vocal style and offhand stage presence is acknowledged to be one of America's finest songwriters. You can learn a bit more about David at his website.

David writes many short stories and is quite an artist as well. Some of his stories are accompanied by his creative drawings. He is an amazing man of many talents. He will share many stories through song and spoken word. Here are some song samples:



You'll find other samples by visiting Houseconcerts # 62 & 63.

Donations (suggested $15) are appreciated and reservations are necessary. Please limit reservation parties to 4 people and allow 3 days for confirmation. You may email me (preferably) or phone (919) 787-6378 and don't wait too long! David has LOTS of fans here and all of his other shows here filled up quickly!